"I am honoured to give my Patronage to the Malta Businesswoman of the Year Award. I have always maintained that, and worked towards, a society that gives full access to women in all spheres, not least the economic and business ones. In spite of the remarkable progress made, the full potential of female entrepreneurship in Malta has yet to realised. I am pleased that Awards such as this, give very positive signals and encouragement to overcome obstacles such as lack of financing, limited access to social and human capital, and resilient socio-cultural expectations and norms.

We need not look too far and high for successful models around us – one can find them where least expected. All along my political and professional career, life taught me that even in the traditional household, women – as wives and mothers – are experienced and seasoned business actors, often guided by wisdom and a keen sense of priority.

I conclude by commending HSBC for taking this initiative, and for championing equality and excellence in one and the same occasion."

H.E. Dr George Vella President Of Malta

About us

About the awards

Malta has made significant steps forward in terms of breaking the glass ceiling and empowering women to reach their full potential. Notwithstanding, there are still a number of initiatives that need to be taken in order to increase gender equality and diversity in all spheres of life, especially in the world of business. Despite signs of improvement in the EU’s gender equality index, Maltese women are still in a very small minority on the boards of directors of both public and private entities. According to statistics, only 8.5% of directors of companies listed on the MSE are female.

The “Malta Businesswoman of the Year Awards” are designed to help promote and recognise women who have achieved significant success in business, and serve as an inspiration and encouragement for other women.  The Awards also aim to accelerate the journey towards gender equality within the private sector.


1. Businesswoman of the year

This award will be presented to a female business owner/entrepreneur, director, executive/manager or professional who has achieved outstanding success. This will be measured in all aspects of the business – from profitability to customer relations and from strong and consistent growth to innovation and implementation. The winner is expected to demonstarte the outstanding contribution she has made to her sector and the impact she makes in her field. She should be able to demonstrate how her business provides support and input that makes a clear and beneficial difference to the people it works with, and how she delivers consistently outstanding levels of customer or client service. The winner in this category will be able to prove an appreciation of and an ability to deliver genuine added value whichever field of business she operates in.

The winner will serve as an inspiration to other female entrepreneurs and executives – through her story she will inspire and encourage others who may be following in her footsteps. She will be expected to demonstrate how she overcame obstacles on her journey to success, demonstrating determination and commitment.

2. Young businesswoman of the year

The winner will be a young female business owner/entrepreneur, director, executive/manager or professional who is a true trail blazer, leading the way as an example for her own generation. Nominees must be under 35 years of age to enter this category. The winner is expected to have a clear business vision, have achieved goals in line with her business plans and have already seen a measure of success.

This award will be presented to a truly inspirational young businesswoman who will encourage other young women to launch their own business or to seek senior positions within their organisation.

3. Company award for excellence in the promotion of women in business

Two awards will, in fact, be presented in this category; one to a company with up to 50 full time employees and the other to a larger organisation with more than 50 full time employees. The winners will be companies which can demonstrate tangible support and commitment in the promotion of women in business. The winning companies will be expected to have implemented measures to promote women, giving them equal opportunities and providing the right environment for them to flourish and achieve their full potential. The winning companies will be expected to demonstrate progress towards achieving gender balance in their senior management and decision making functions.

The winners of this category will serve as an inspiration to other companies that are serious in providing women with career and growth opportunities.


Nomination are now closed

Kindly check back in 2021 for the next edition of the Malta Business Woman of the Year Award.

Application/Nomination Form
Application/Nomination Form
Application/Nomination Form – for Companies With Up to 50 Employees
Application/Nomination Form – for Companies With More Than 50 Employees

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter?

Entries for 2020 are open as from Tuesday 25th February 2020. Entries are online.

Closing date for the entries is noon on Wednesday, 1st April 2020.

We do not charge an entry fee. The finalists and winners are chosen by a panel of business experts based on the information supplied in the application form, and upon verification of the details provided.

Do I have to provide financial information?

Ideally yes, although this is not mandatory at the application stage. However, the more information we have about your business the more enabled the judges will be to take a final decision. It is also important to answer all the questions as factually as possible. All information will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

I am not a big business – are these awards for me?

Yes, most certainly. Our awards for businesswomen focus on individuals who have accomplished amazing achievements for themselves, their business and their clients. These awards are about women in business who have made a difference.

Who judges the awards?

A panel of business experts from various entrepreneurial backgrounds.

When will the awards ceremony be held?

The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, 12th September 2020, during which local media will be present. The winners will be announced on the night.

What is the award?

The award will be a certificate and a trophy, which will be presented to the winners by dignitaries during the awards ceremony.

What happens after the awards ceremony?

The awards ceremony will be followed by a networking reception.

If you have any more questions about our awards for businesswomen, do feel free to contact us on astridsaliba@hsbc.com.


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